(re)Sounding (2020)
Exhibition in collaboration with Seven Count, The Bennington Museum, February-May 2020. Gallery guide and essay here.

What The Garden Belongs To (2019)
Immersive audio ethnography of the Growing Home community gardens in Southeast Philadelphia. Screened at Un/Sounding The Relational City (2020) and published in The Nature of Cities (2020).

Radyo Vagabondo (2019)
Pop-up pirate radio station at the 2019 Manifesta Biennale in Palermo, Sicily. Broadcasting in English, French, and Italian on 97.6 FM. In collaboration with Richard Fleming.

In the Citadel (2018)
Film collaboration with pianist Farid Barron, exploring the politics of improvised solo piano and the limitations of the ethnographic gaze. Screened at SSMF 2021: Rupture and Repair, Philadephia, PA.

Tanbou Maps (2017)
Experimental research into the cosmology of vodou drumming in Haiti. Painting made in collaboration with Syndia Leonce of the Gran Rue, Port-Au-Prince. Performance by Patrick Derival and Kesner Deriveres. Produced for the 5th Ghetto Biennale.

Radyo Shak (2015): 
A pop-up pirate radio station in Port-Au-Prince Haiti for the 4th Ghetto Biennale. Live music, interviews, DJ sets, recipes, Haitian revolutionary history, archival audio, performance and sound art, vodou ceremonies, lectures, and more. In collaboration with Richard Fleming, Joe Winter, and Jocelyn Georges. Hosted on Clocktower Radio.