May 19 - June 19, 2017
By chance and appointment
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Air enters through the nose, deposits oxygen into the bloodstream via the lungs, and is pushed out again through the mouth, vibrating a reed, passing through a modifiable architecture of valves and bells, and re-entering the atmosphere as CO2. As musicians, we know this linear account is both true and false. The air we breathe is thick with old sounds, already processed by ancient lungs, still resonant. Our breathing is a re-performance, a cover, of when the first lung synchronized its existence with the first fern. The songs we play are rumors of what they were, and shells of what they are trying to be.

Invitation is a collaborative installation by artists and musicians Angus McCullough, Jake Nussbaum, and Adam Tinkle that attempts to crystallize these phenomena. Through collective improvisation (intellectual, musical, performative, sculptural), we research experiences of time and space that are non-linear, confounding, and bent. We meditate on how they are are already present in our lives, and how they lead us towards new performances, recordings, and broadcasts. Presence (as a state of being and a concept) is the event around which this station is organized - a kit of parts to help harmonize and amplify whoever and whatever is in the space.

Invitation is a place to continue this research, and we invite you to join us as participants in this limitless, modifiable series of openings. The deal is: we learn something from you, and in exchange we learn something from you. We can play your records, we can scan your documents, we can listen to your theories, we can read your Tarot cards. Become an antennae. Articulate an interior shadow-form and photocopy it. Join us in the ongoing study of participatory ethics. The horn is a transmitter. Radio waves are sanctified. The room is an amp. We want to tell you what we've found and spark new findings into momentary existence. Please consider this your Invitation. May 20, 7 58 14 PM (1).jpg