Experimental research into the cosmology of vodou drumming in Haiti.

Painting made in collaboration with Syndia Leonce of the Gran Rue, Port-Au-Prince.

Performance by Patrick Derival and Kesner Deriveres.

Long-form interviews with 02 and Lulver Pierre Innocent.

Statement written in collaboration with Syndia Leonce:

This painting is a collaboration between Jake Nussbaum and Syndia Leonce. We had many conversations and shared ideas about drumming here in the Gran Rue, and in Haiti, and tried to make a visual representation of these ideas. The text on the painting is excerpted from interviews I conducted with drummers here. The dotted lines trace the path of rhythms from Africa, France, Spain, and indigenous people, to the lake here in Port-Au-Prince. We think the drum is a beautiful symbol of the lake, resonating throughout the universe. We chose the heart as a central motif, because everyone is worth with a drum inside of themselves.

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http://jakenussbaum.com/files/gimgs/th-77_93430010 -edited.jpg